Maau-jai-san Dragon Kung Fu Academy

Dragon Style Kung Fu

Dragon style kung fu – Lung-ying kyun 龙形拳 in Cantonese (also spelled as “Long ying/Loong ying/Long xing”, lit. Dragon Shape) – is a Chinese martial art from Guangdong province in southern China.

The history of this style can be reliably traced to Lam Yiu-gwai 林耀桂 (1874–1965), a founder of Dragon Style kung fu.

One of the top Lam Yiu-gwai’s disciples was late grandmaster Jang Gan 曾根 (1922-2011), nicknamed “The Father of Dragon style kung fu in Foshan” (佛山龙形拳之父), who passed the art to several notable disciples, including late grandmaster Paang Gong 彭江 (?-ca. 1995).

Maau-jai-san Dragon Style Kung Fu

Grandmaster Ho Wun-san 何焕新 (b. 1947), in Chinese martial arts circles known as “Maau-jai-san” 矛仔新, studied both under grandmaster Jang Gan and grandmaster Paang Gong. Late grandmaster Jang Gan was also a master of Choi Lei Fat style 蔡李佛 which later influenced his Dragon style. Grandmaster Ho Wun-san, who has many years of street fighting experience, refined the Dragon style so it’s sligthly different from other Dragon style kung fu schools.

Maau-jai-san Dragon style kung fu emphasizes explosive power (爆发力), aggressiveness (猛), flexibility (灵活), fighting in different ranges (long/middle/short), slide stepping (点步), swallowing/spitting/floating/sinking (吞吐浮沉) and quick advances and retreats.

Grandmaster Ho Wun-san

Grandmaster Ho Wun-san 何焕新 (b. 5 April 1947), in Chinese martial arts circles better known as Maau-jai-san 矛仔新, is a founder of Maau-jai-san Dragon Kung Fu Academy (矛仔新龙形拳学院). He studied under grandmaster Paang Gong 彭江 and grandmaster Jang Gan 曾根. He has been teaching Dragon style kung fu for many years in Foshan (佛山), a city in south China’s Guangdong province, where he lives. Although grandmaster Ho officially retired, he continues to teach Dragon style kung fu and offers private lessons.

Chief Instructor Petr Vrána

  • began the study of Chinese martial arts over twenty years ago
  • trains Maau-jai-san Dragon style kung fu (矛仔新龙形拳) since 2015
  • lived seven years in Guangzhou (2013-2020); currently lives in Prague (Czechia) where he offers private lessons
  • trains other southern Chinese martial arts – Hung style (Hung kyun 洪拳), Choi Lei Fat (蔡李佛) and Choi style (蔡拳)
  • researches Guangdong-Hong Kong School Martial Arts Fiction